A little girl under the system - Ao Ba Ba
A little girl under the system – Ao Ba Ba

Việt Nam có khoảng 100 triệu dân. The large people is the Vietnam with the percentage of average centencies of the Middle China. Dân tộc Việt chiếm gần 85% dân số. Root source from which is miền nam and miền bắc, the user has been over the over the last disc to over the front of the East Coast of East Coast. This extension is starting at the 939 after the resource, after a last years of Middle China. Mặc dù văn hóa Việt Nam đã bị ảnh hưởng mạnh mẽ bởi Trung Quốc text, the contest of the symbol reserved from the development of a strong of the national national in the dân tộc Việt Nam. The 100 of the cai trị of the French (1858-1954) has been important of the euright elements of the eur Âu, but the people of Vietnam will be kepted to the family and continue to follow the festival of the honor festival
Văn hóa Việt capture source from delta with the River and the River Mã nơi người Việt canh tác ruộng lúa. The first path of a simple simple family at the small village, usually live around a house house. This date, the people at the rural Village in this live. The Person has the effect of the Nho, special is the age of the family rule.
Các nhóm dân tộc:
Các dân tộc khác nhau chiếm khoảng 15% dân số còn lại, với khoảng 1,2 triệu người Trung Quốc, miền trung Nam, là miền đông nhất.
Major minor minor, people of the second domain, malican and Polynesian and Mon-Khmer. The text of the text of group and 30 different be used in the high field leader.
The minor minor minor person is Khmer Krom (people of Cambodia), with 600,000 people, part of the provinces of Cambodia and the Mekong River. Most expired is a nông dân. The other minor groups bao gồm Chăm (of the Kingdom of the British Security), the old people is discarded into the Avatar 16), Mường, Nùng, Dao, Thái, Mèo, Mẫn và các miền núi khác . Language: English is language. English date as more as more than the main users. Some people and special as già will be say French; while longitude speak of German and tiếng Nga. Chinese, Khmer and local method. Tôn giáo

The traditional education is the Buddhism (55% civil) and Education (8% to 10% civil). Nho giáo, Đạo giáo, Công giáo, Hòa Hảo, Hồi giáo, Tin Lành và Cao Đài đại diện cho khoảng 35% dân số.
Art and Architecture

Trống Đồng Đông Sơn
Trống Đồng Đông Sơn

The hien of the first of the Arts of Vietnam in the current text of East Sơn on the upper sea and North Ministry from the 500 to the 200 to the previous 200. Inspiration by source for the program of huy chương may be made by the Dongson of the Artist of the root source from: the page information that that the relationship that is between the đồng tiền Trung Quốc before that. Clock, produce product and the special position for the following the following section for the first of the first and the best Đông Nam Á. This is most most shown in the large large and the honor may be found in an ninh in the Hà Nội and Sài Gòn.

Temple Care
Temple Care

If you have a time of the ‘gold’ of the arts and the architecture of Vietnam, that is a domain of the national of the midra of the mid of the Southern of the Middle School of the Sealand. It enl rump into the 10th anniversary and 11. There is only 20 in the 250 old location found in the anniversary, can thiệp, nổi tiếng nhất là Mỹ Sơn và Đông Dương. The architect and architect of Vietnam are the ngôi chùa và điện ở Huế and Hà Nội, the default of the Middle of the Middle China is shown.