World-Class Lune Production Hits Hoi An!

The highly praised Lune Production Company recently opened a new theater in Hoi An, adding another location to its permanent shows in Saigon and Hanoi. Its premier production was ‘The Mist’.

Beautifully located at the quiet end of An Hoi Islet, Lune Performing Center Hoi An is a great addition to Hoi An’s sparse theater and art performance scene. Critics around the globe have had nothing but praise for the performances of Lune Production Company and tourists and locals alike are extremely fortunate this world-class company has chosen Hoi An as its third venue.

And, equally important: we at Hoi An Now were blown away by the premiere of ‘The Mist’.

Lune Production - The Mist 1

‘The Mist’

‘The Mist’ tells the story of Southern Vietnamese farming life, expressed through neo-classical and contemporary dance.

The show is based on the metaphor of rice cultivation, a metaphor that allows the audience to appreciate the farmers’ dedication to the rice crop cycle, from planting the seeds in the misty dawn to the joyful harvest.

It’s an hour-long journey across bucolic Vietnam that conjured up a whole range of emotions for me through an enticing combination of dance, costume, setting, light and music. Almost dreamlike, the dancers flowed across the stage responding to the soft acoustics and rhythms of rural Vietnam. The understated but on-point use of visuals only added to that picture and – yes – to the mist, through which I still see the performance when I reflect on my visit.

Lune Production - The Mist 2

Classical Ballet, Modern Dance and Vietnamese Music

The dance performance ranged from classical ballet, over a tantalising singing bowl performance, to an eclectic modern dance interlude accompanied by rock music, that caught you by surprise and swept you off your chair.

A nice surprise, and definitely one of the hightlights of the evening, was an interactive part involving a lot of ‘noise’ produced by the audience, but I should stop there. For those among us who fear being put on the spot (or in the spotlight in this case) , worry not, it’s an interaction with the entire audience and participation is voluntary!

Accompanying the breathtakingly beautiful images a live music group underlines the performance throughout the show.

Yes, I was intrigued by the performers’ skills evident in their dance and musical performance. But equally powerful was the minimalistic use of visuals and stage setting: bamboo tables carried by people evoked boats on the ocean; a back wall of hay turned the stage into a field. Indeed, simple props snuck onto the stage (without us even noticing) that changed the entire setting from one minute to the next.

Lune Production - The Mist 3

Not convinced yet?

Maybe you want to know that some of the talented artists have been part of Cirque du Soleil, probably the best-known performance show in the world.

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Ticket prices are set at the higher end of Hoi An’s entertainment options, and range between 23$ and 55$

Tip: As the theater is quite small, you can see quite well from every position, so there’s no reason to buy the most expensive seats.

The Four Shows

Lune Production has four different shows running in Vietnam. ‘A O Show’, their signature performance, is scheduled to start here in summer. At time of writing the acclaimed ‘Teh Dar’, a celebration of ethnic tribes and the land, is the current production. ‘The Mist’ we’ve already discussed and the fourth show, ‘Lang Toi – My Village’, is yet to be scheduled in Hoi An.

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